Saturday, August 05, 2006

It's A...Whatchamacallit

This a.m., my 6 1/2 y.o. son complained of an itchy foot -- inside his Crocs. We pulled off his shoes and socks, indeed saw a red foot and no doubt a bug bite, put a cold compress on it and forgot about it.

Later in the day, he was resting beside me, barefoot. I looked at his foot again, saw the raised skin and said, "Oh. So do you think it's a mosquito bite?"


"Do you think it's a rash?"


"Do you think it's a blister?"



"No. It's a...whatchamacallit? It's a...BOO-BOO!"

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cruisin-mom said...

cute...don't you love when the words we teach them come right back at us?

Rebecca said...

very cute! I gotta get a pair of crocs. I tried my friends' on on shabbos, yum!

torontopearl said...

CM: These are really keepers. Ah...the innocence of children.

Rebecca: I'm sure you can even find Estee a pair in her wee size.

Rebecca said... that's something I would love to do! btw, I dont know if you realized but I tagged you on Tisha Baav

torontopearl said...

Yes, Rebecca, I found out...motzei Shabbos. It was more out of sight, out of mind -- which is why I didn't do it after the fact. Sorry...but thanks for thinking of me. I saw that Ezie did do the meme, though.

rabbi neil fleischmann said...

side point - i usually am easy going about thing like shoes, they're just shoes. but i recently saw crocs for the first time and found them very unattractive, couldn't believe people were actually wearing them. reminded me a bit of pet rocks.