Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Swiss Miss

I'm Swiss by osmosis -- and by paying many Swiss francs many years ago to earn that nationality alongside my name.

I'm not that patriotic, but I do recall that August 1st is a Swiss National Holiday.

Instead of shvitzing in this heat upstairs by the computer, I should be out there somewhere, on a hillside, lighting fireworks and marching around with Chinese lanterns.

When I was about 12 years old, I visited my great-uncle and great-aunt in Geneva, Switzerland. It was August 1st and off we traipsed somewhere in the city's outskirts, I believe, to stand on a hillside and watch the glorious colors as the sky lit up with fireworks.

Funny thing about that? I was not even Swiss then! And now, here I am Swiss, and not lighting fireworks. What's wrong with me!!!


cruisin-mom said...

Are you that lady on the front of the hot chocolate?

Rebecca said...

Pearl, I started a new blog, I thought you might be interested. I usually don't do this and I hate when ppl do but I dont know how else to let people know of my new blog when they just read the old one. http://neverforget6m.blogspot.com/

Mia said...

Unfortunately there were not many fireworks this year in Switzerland due to the heat wave of the last few weeks. It was sad to have a rainy and firework-lacking 1st of August... Only in a few little cantons fireworks were allowed, but not in Geneva, Zurich or any other big town :(

torontopearl said...

CM: Not only am I the lady, I am the company!

Rebecca: I checked it out. Thx for bringing my attention to it. You're one busy mama/blogger.

Mia: Thx for the "insider information."