Thursday, September 21, 2006

CROCS (tm) 'R' Us

When my daughter had a birthday party in August, her nine friends that came to our house for a jewellery-making party wore the most popular footwear. (okay, so one of them wasn't sent the fashion bulletin, and wore plain old sandals)

These CROCS dressed up our vestibule, and I took the shoes and put them in(more of) a heap for a photo op. Above is the result.

Thus far in my family of five, we have two authentic CROCS-wearing people, one imitation-CROCS-wearing person, and one soon-to-be imitation-CROCS-wearing person. And I'll give you a hint: it ain't me!

But I have this to say about CROCS-wearing people: "They've got a lot of SOLE."

And about the photo above, I say, "Aw...what a bunch of CROC(s)!"


torontopearl said...

WHAT!? Are CROCs so passe already, that there are no comments?
I know countless people planning to wear their CROCs on Yom Kippur to replace leather footwear, so it can't be passe at all.
Look around your synagogue on Yom Kippur and you'll see what I mean!

jac said...

Here was my Crocs blessing for a Bat Mitzvah girl:
"These shoes may be crocs but they are NOT a Crock. They are no hoax, for they stand for all that has delivered the Jewish people on treacherous journeys on land and sea, over mountains and through dangerous passes, These only weigh 6 oz., yet they also carry a weighty message that will help you leave vital footprints across the sands of time.
We bestow them upon you with the hopes that just like these shoes your journeywill match that of the Israelites throughout our long and soulful history.
As the Crocs are tough, and the Jews are tough, so may you be strengthened on your journey,
As the holes allow sand and water to filter out, so may you filter out all that which is negative and deters your chosen path among your holy wandering community.
As they function both well on land and sea, may you be protected wherever your life leads you.
As they have a long life span so may you be blessed .
May the nonslip soles, remind you to keep your own soul intact and remain true to the values you've learned from our Torah, our history and our heritage."

Anonymous said...

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