Thursday, September 21, 2006

Menu Madness

Rosh Hashanah, along with Shabbat, starts Friday night and ends Sunday night. That means we need a Yom Tov dinner, lunch, dinner, lunch and dinner. That means food. That means a variety of food. That means putting on the thinking cap and planning menus.

My thinking cap is still somewhat askew, but I can throw out some dishes at you that I have already made, will make or am thinking of making.

Gefilte fish. (loaf)
Gefilte fish. (patties)
Moroccan fish balls
Caesar salad
Chicken soup with matzoh balls
Stir-fry, vegetables
Carrot, sweet potato soup OR Potato-leek soup
Potato kugel
Roasted potatoes
Oven-baked rice/pilaf dish
Apple-carrot kugel
Walnut bars
Sweet-and-sour meatballs
Breaded chicken
Turkey schnitzel
Butternut squash something-or-other
Zucchini-tomato something-or-other
Israeli salad

I've got lots of work ahead, so I'd better say "Ciao for now" and you'd better say,
"Bon appetit!"


Rhea said...

Good Yuntov(sp?)! Wow, you make your own gefilte fish!? My mother did that once, with fish that my father caught. I actually prefer the frozen kind of gefilte fish that comes in a 'loaf'. I find it here in Boston in the ultra-kosher grocery store.

~ Sarah ~ said...

mmm yum.

chag sameach, shana tova!!

torontopearl said...

Rhea: I have to clarify -- I DO NOT make my own gefilte fish. I also use the loaves, but doctor them up when I cook them. But if I can make Morrocan fish balls with chopped fish, I'm guessing I could also make gefilte fish. (but not the kind of ground fish stuffed into a carp or white fish -- too much "pachke-ing" for me)

Sarah: It'll be yum if I manage to prepare some more of these dishes. Shanah Tovah to you and yours.

Mia said...

Can I come? Your menu(s) sound yummy! We made gefillte fish (also fresh not frozen), fresh chrain, gehackte leber and meat soup today! Tomorrow will come the rest.... I love Yom Tov food!!!


A Simple Jew said...

mmmm! Can you e-mail me some of that?

Anonymous said...

OMG! I want to go to your house for Rosh Hashana! I love sweet-and-sour meatballs, kugel, zucchini-tomoato something-or-other, all of it sounds great. I've got a bad cold now and don't have the energy to even think about cooking. I see take-out in my future....Oy.

kasamba said...

I'm inviting myself- YUM!!!!

Have a gut gebensht yur!!!!

torontopearl said...

Thanks for liking my menu choices. You are all welcome to come to House of TorontoPearl (sounds like a Chinese food restaurant, doesn't it?) for a meal next time you're in my neck of the woods.
And I DO mean that!