Sunday, September 17, 2006

More Mere Coincidence?

Okay, so I wasn't sure I'd be back to blogging this week, but here I am again, with this to share.

It is said that things happen for a reason. Here's my story:

It is rare for me to send Rosh Hashanah greeting cards-- I might send e-greetings, but I rarely send print cards. It seems like just such a "grownup" thing to do, and remember I'm just a 44-year-old kid...

Anyhow, impulsively I decided late this afternoon to write 2 Rosh Hashanah cards, because I wasn't sure I'd get the chance to call and get into conversation with the recipients and it's so rare for me to see or speak to them otherwise. Just before 5:00 p.m. I mailed the cards.

Just before 7, I took two of my kids and drove to a nearby supermarket that is primarily Kosher AND open on Sunday nights. On the way, I passed one of the people to whom I mailed the card not even two hours earlier. She was walking to the same supermarket, so I gave her a ride and caught up on her life and on ours. I told her I'd give her a ride home, too.

About fifteen minutes later, my shopping was done and I see my friend waiting in the store's vestibule for me, along with my daughter. Beside them is...the other person to whom I sent a Rosh Hashanah card!

I was shocked!! The second friend knew I was shopping here 'cause she'd stopped by my house to wish a Shanah Tovah and a happy birthday and to give me a gift from another friend, and my son had told her where I was, and she had to go shopping here anyhow.

Yes, it was so freaky to meet these two women who were the sole recipients of greetings from me. And to top that off, the gift that friend #2 dropped off was from a friend from out of town. But that out-of-town friend had been in today for a family unveiling. I was not able to make the unveiling this morning, and shortly before leaving for the supermarket, I'd emailed that friend to tell her why I couldn't make the unveiling.

Now I knew I owed her another email: a thank-you for the gift.

It's oddities of life like these that keep my head askew, keep me asking and wondering: "HUH?"


Rhea said...

That is pretty amazing. I had a very similar experience last week. I asked my astrologer friend about it but she couldn't find any cosmic explanation for it. Hmmm....

Mia said...

That´s amazing! Maybe it means that you shouldn´t send Rosh Hashana cards out as you will meet all the people in person against all odds??

Regina Clare Jane said...

Wow! Co-inky-dinks are fun! I love when things like that happen! In fact, speaking of co-inky dinks, I got a little b-day present the other day from a friend and it was some lemon-ginger tea (yes, I love it, too- this was Yogi Tea)- the funny thing was, I had left my one and only box of lemon-ginger tea back up home and hadn't been able to get more- then I got more for a present- so cool! Again, Happy early B-day, TP, in case I miss it!

Sweettooth120 said...

i love those twists of fate. Stories like those are awesome.