Sunday, September 17, 2006


I'm feeling downright blah--a cold kicked in the last couple of days, and it's not just a little sniffles type. A full-fledged, achy body, achy chest, achy head cold. I lay around most of Shabbos day, wallowing in the yukkiness of it all. But what made me feel good was drinking a wonderful tea -- Lemon Ginger -- by Stash Teas.

But the sweetest and best medicine is when my children cautiously wander into the room in the morning and quietly ask, "Are you feeling better?" or say, "I hope you feel better," before they leave the room.

Yes, I'll feel better in a few days, no doubt. Just in time to stand in shul on Rosh Hashanah and listen to the coughing and sneezing going on all around me. This is the time of year that I usually do catch a cold, and evidently so do others!

This is also the time of the year that I'm supposedly wiser...just because I grow older. This year, with the Jewish New Year I will be a year older.

45. (but Ezzie, you can keep me at 38!) Oh, where did the years go? I don't look 45, I don't feel 45. But I know I'm turning 45.

I'm not sure if I'll have time, nor inspiration, to write in my blog any more this week so...

I wish you all the sweetest, happiest and healthiest of New Years. May you enjoy the company of family and friends. May you enjoy any new experience you may partake in (Jeremiah?). And may we continue to share the good things in our lives.

This is 44-year-old Pearl wishing you a Shanah Tovah!

45-year-old Pearl will meet you next year to check out how things have been at your end.

Found the perfect birthday card to send to myself this year! Somewhere in that link is a Rosh Hashanah/birthday card with lots of honey with my name on it.


Regina said...

Is your birthday on the New Year, Sept. 23? My hubby was born on that day as well! I just turned- ack- 46 yesterday so I know what you talking about. I don't feel 46 or even look 46- whatever that means, but there it is- I'm 46.
So, Happy Birthday ahead of time, Toronto Pearl! And Shanah Tovah as well!

cruisin-mom said...

T.P.: please hurry up and get well.
What a nice wawy to begin the new year...on your bday. I wish you all things good and healthy, whatever that means to you.

Mia said...

Feel better soon! Get some chicken soup that helps always and lots of tea with honey.

Shana tova ve metuka, just the best for you and your family. A git yur!

Anonymous said...

Good Yuntuv(sp?) and happy birthday!

torontopearl said...

Regina Clare Jane: Yup, the 23rd it is. Happy birthday to your hubby, and happy belated birthday to you. As you have one year on me, you'll let me know what 46 feels like so I'll be ready for it next year.
Thanks for your good wishes!

CM: I'm feeling somewhat better today; that only means that my head feels less stuffy, but my chest feels as if a lead weight is sitting on it!
Thanks for your good wishes.

Mia: You sound like my parents: chicken soup and tea with honey and lemon... but they work!
Shana Tovah to you and Daniel in your new surroundings!

Rhea: A Gut Yontif or Good Yom Tov to you too. Thanks for the good wishes.

Anonymous said...

Stash Lemon Ginger - a good choice!
Get well soon.

(I'll report back re the Holidays.)

Elie said...

Happy birthday in advance. I've got a few more months to mentally prepare for 45.

Shanah Tovah - a happy sweet new year!

Unknown said...

Ah, Pearl, you'll always be 37 :)

... Is the Window to Our Soul said...

Happy early birthday and Shana Tova to you and your family.

And I am totally with you on those farewell tours...what a joke. How many farewell tours has Barbara and Cher have already?