Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fashion Sense

I was sorting through my daughter's dresser drawers and bedroom closet today, seeing what still fit and what didn't. She has A LOT of clothes and as my husband says all the time, "You have to get rid of stuff for all the new stuff [many of which are gifts] that comes in. Otherwise we'll have to buy another house."

Some of the stuff I just made a judgment call on and removed and bagged to pass on to a friend for her daughter. About others I announced, "This doesn't fit you anymore."

My daughter piped up, "Oh yes it does." And she proceeded to put it on over whatever she dressed in this morning.

This scene kept repeating itself with each new item of clothing that I held up for inspection. "Oh yes it does." Another article of clothing went on.

After a few minutes my daughter was wearing a short sleeved sweater, under a turtleneck sweater, with a vest on top, and a housecoat on top of that, and a summer dress over her pants.

Talk about the layered look... Talk about trying to convince me to keep her stuff... Talk about a creative way to argue one's point....

Talk about a fashion sense...


Mia said...

Sweet! I can´t remember having a fashion sense at that age, or maybe I just forgot... You should send her to Project Runway for kids :D

orieyenta said...

(Found you through Neilochka! Yay.)

Too cute. My little one does the same thing - she gives tznius a whole new meaning.

kasamba said...

She's such a character!!!
Hmm, I wonder where she gets that from???

torontopearl said...

Mia: my daughter has her own fashion sense; I tend to be very classic and conventional in my choice of clothing. I might buy my daughter's clothes (without her being with me -- works the best!) but the way she coordinates her look is all hers!

Oriyenta: thanks for visiting. Yes, Neil set us up through his Matchmaker, Matchmake post.
Your daughter is also at that age where she has her own mind and sense of style. Our girls can teach us a thing or two,it seems.

Kasamba: main difference: I have character; she IS a character!

cruisin-mom said...

I used to throw full blown tantrums about what I was going to wear (and that as just 5 years ago!)