Sunday, June 03, 2007


I just finished reading this book today; it's a graphic novel...a comic book for adults, if you so please!
I love Klezmer music and this presented a wonderful view of that a slightly warped way.
Apparently, the book was originally published in French and translated to English. It's a wonderful visual trip with the artwork that comes alive and characters who come alive through their lines!
Klezmer is Book 1 in a proposed series, and I look forward to following the adventures in subsequent books.
I love reading yet I also lost the capability to read as I used to...I find it hard to sit and allow myself to read, and usually read small items, along the lines of short stories or magazine articles. (this comes mainly from the fact that I worked in publishing for years and years, reading manuscripts, and the fact that I majored in English. I have no "setzfleisch" for reading) Thus this genre -- of graphic novel -- is perfect for me.
Next up, I have a copy of Neil Kleid's Brownsville to read, which I first read about on Seraphic Secret.
When you think about it, graphic novels have been around, but we just might have not "noticed" them: TinTin, for example. But now, one certainly does notice them; I go into the mega-size bookstores and find entire sections cordoned off as Graphic Novels, both in the youth/teen section and adult sections.
It's an easy, quick format of reading, being entertained and getting informed...all at the same time.
Hmmm...graphic novels.... I know I can write, but if I could only draw....


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Hey Pearl....I think I am going to get that Klezmer book for friends of mine who LOVE Klezmer music! Interesting to find out about it!
I too have been having trouble sitting and reading...And I'm not sure why...But, it may be many different things...! I went to that site---I've already lost the name...(OY--LOL)..The man that is a Screen writer in Hollywood...Sephardic Secret?? Was that the name?
Anyway...I read his "About Me" and said out loud...How could he be a firece Republican? And reading further about the loss of his son...Terrible, I forgive him for being a Rabid Republican...How stupid of me is that? He certainly writes well, doesn't he? As do you, my dear!

muse said...

If it's as good as the cover illustration, I want it, too.

orieyenta said...

Ooo - I want the Klezmer book too.