Sunday, June 03, 2007

Simple and Funny...Simply Funny

Rabbi Neil Fleischmann of NY's Funniest Rabbi wrote a one-liner that made me break out into a wide smile when I read it, and made a friend break out laughing when I told it to her over the phone, even though I didn't repeat it correctly. (I'm not too good at repeating jokes; I'm much funnier when I'm spontaneous...and cynical and sarcastic.)

I hoped as I read the joke that it was original, because I wanted to be able to attribute it to him.

Phew, it is original. And I have the good rabbi's permission to share the joke with you. Thank you.

Neil is pretty eclectic: he teaches full-time, he is rabbi in residence for senior camps held over Passover and other chagim, he is an actor -- doing comedy, drama and improv, he is a writer & poet. He is all-around nice and well-liked guy who manages to capture a lot of the world around him in the words of his drashot (sermons), his blog posts and his occasional photos.

Check out his blog. I've been doing so for well over two years...and happily so.

I knew I'd
gained weight when I asked the shadchan for a name and she said Jenny Craig.

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