Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sorry, Jamie Lynn Spears...

...I neglected to wish you a mazel tov on your baby daughter, born last month.

The bottom line is that I hadn't known you'd already given birth. Somehow that news item had escaped me.

But today, while reading that you and Mr. Fiance were planning a September "small, backyard wedding," ( in three acres) and that you were already down to pre-pregnancy weight, i thought, "Hey, something's not right here. I've been left out of the loop."

So I sought out a birth announcement...and found it in the fact that you sold exclusive "1st baby photo rights" of Maddie to OK! magazine.
Good for you...getting some large lump sum ought to cover the salary you had to forego as Zoey in Zoey 101. After all, you -- nice, little role model to tweener girls -- had gotten knocked up at age 16 (okay, so in April you turned 17) and the show got cancelled after its third season.
And it's so nice you met your man in church; how Christian of you.
Well, happy baby & happy marriage, Jamie. Hope it's everything you ever dreamed of...while you were a little girl and looking up to big sister/role model Britney.
By the way, why didn't you name your daughter Zoey? Just askin'....


Elie said...

My daughter enjoyed that show, so I felt sad that JLS turned into such a poor role model. My opinion was that they should have written the pregnancy into the show, as a object-lesson for the young viewers on the dangers of premarital sex. But I knew neither JLS nor the show's producers would even consider that approach.

cruisin-mom said...

Elie, interesting idea...but, you're right, they would never consider that...much better to see her idolized on the cover of a magazine. My guess is she will just kind of fade away, as we can only hope her sister does.