Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Tushie Lady Is Born

Okay, so I'm fortysomething these days...edging slowly but surely to fiftysomething.

But when I was twentysomething, I was enjoying "thirtysomething"...with all its family dynamics, friendship dynamics, work dynamics and a wonderful cast.

I was a fan of Polly Draper who played Ellen, and Melanie Mayron, who played Melissa Steadman, a great photographer.

Turns out that aside from being an actress and director, Melanie is an enterprising businesswoman who, together with her father the chemist, has come up with a line of products -- diaper cream and a barrier cream for adults.

This line called Mayron's Good Baby has a cute intro story "behind" it. You can read about it at Melanie's blog.

A clean bottom is a happy bottom, so ...bottoms' up...with Mayron's Good Baby.


Ezzie said...

We all know you're 37. :)

Danny said...

Who knew? I loved "thirtysomething" and especially Melanie Mayron. A friend of mine directed an episode of that show once and I got to visit her on the set. The highlight of that day was wondering around Melissa Steadman's cool "apartment" which was butted up against Hope and Michael's living room. I'll have to check out Mayron's diaper cream now that I've got two more on the way!

Robin said...

I loved "thirtysomething". I was thirtysomething when we watched thirtysomething, and Milissa was the best. Who would have thunk she'd be making diaper cream? I'm too old to need diaper cream any longer. Perhaps in about 30 years. Sigh. You think she'll be interested in doing "eightysomething"?