Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Last week I updated my status comment on Facebook. It was about smart vs. clever.

The status read: It's nice to be called "smart" but for some reason I really like it when I'm called "clever."

Some people may not see a difference between the two adjectives, but there least for me.

Smart is intelligence, IQ matter. Seemingly black and white.

Clever goes a lot further, I believe. It adapts itself to creativity, problem solving, finding solutions. It deals more with gray matter, reading between the lines, sudden spurts of brilliance that are emitted.

One of my friends commented about my Facebook status. He said, "How 'bout beautiful and sexy?"

Believe it or not, I still think that "clever" can go a lot further than "beautiful and sexy."

But if you wish, you can call me, "beautiful, sexy, AND clever"!


rabbi neil fleischmann said...

Smart and clever are good, but I'd rather be called curious.

Robin said...

You're definitely beautiful, sexy, and clever.

I took a comedy class at the local comedy club a couple of years ago, and we had to come up with adjectives to describe each other. They gave me "devilish". I was so proud of that!

Minnesota Mamaleh said...

great post, pearl! indeed there *is* a difference btw'n smart and clever. and really, why *not* take all of the lovely adjectives?! we need a store of good words to make us smile sometimes. i, too, love the word clever! :)