Thursday, June 16, 2005

Comedic Relief?

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A short while ago, I had the most bizarre thing happen to me, and I thought it was worthy of a post. See, this addict already thinks in blog terms (and I've even had a couple dreams about blogs/bloggers, too).

I sent my husband an e-mail to his work from my work address. A short time later, it came back with some undeliverable message. I tried to send it again, knowing I'd sent something yesterday that had not bounced back. But yes, it bounced back with some weird administrative message. I thought perhaps it was happening from my business end, so I sent the message to my hotmail account to forward to his work number. Yet again the same thing happened.

So I called his work number, asked for him and was told: "He doesn't work here anymore."

I was openmouthed as I hung up the phone. Man, that company works fast, canceling e-mail address accounts as soon as a person is canned... I'd spoken to my husband at 9:45 when he was on his way to work after tending to some personal matters, and imagined what a horrible scene it must've been for him to be received with walking papers when he walked in. And without seemingly good reasons, I figured, aside from being forewarned that the company might be bought out.

I called my husband on his cell, wondering where he was in his desolate state.

He answered very calmly and I said "What's up? I know what happened."

"What happened?"

"Well, I tried to send you e-mail messages and they all came bouncing back with a kind of undeliverable message."

"Yeah, we didn't pay the bill, so I guess they cut the lines."

"But that's not all. Where are you?"

"I'm at my desk."

"No you're not."

"Yes I am."

"Who's there near you?"


"R, I know what happened... I just called you and when I asked for you, I was told that you didn't work there anymore."

"Yes, I work here. Who'd you speak to?"

"I don't know...whoever answered the phone."

"And she told you I don't work here anymore?"


"Hold on..." [and I hear him walking out of his office, down the hall and to the receptionist, asking: "Did my wife just call you? Did you tell her that I don't work here anymore?"]

Suddenly I thought they'd played a trick on me and my husband.

"Nope, there was no call from you. Maybe you dialed a wrong number...?"

"No...I dialed 555-5555."

"Pearl, I work for __________ Industries. You called ____________ Industries. I have not worked there in three years!"




How the heck did my memory pull up that old number at this moment in time just after my husband's e-mail account showed he didn't have an account there anymore?

Is this what is called comedic relief?


Air Time said...

Thats what happens when you stay up all night packing/blogging...have fun in LA

Glory said...

Very funny stuff. I too have found that I examine everything now in terms of its blog-worthiness.

tuesdaywishes said...

I have found a use for all of my old phone numbers that clutter up my brain. I've recycled some of them as passwords for AOL and other stuff. Of course, there are some numbers that have totally dropped out of my memory, but I think my dad still has them in his address book.

Just Passing Through said...

and I have trouble remembering my cell #. Great story.

Doctor Bean said...

So, how's your trip going? You mean you're not going to blog from LA to let us know?

orthomom said...

Too funny.