Thursday, June 16, 2005

Die-Hard Blogger Does It Again...(Burns the Candle at Both Ends)

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I'm starting this post at 1:22 a.m. -- it will be interesting to see when I actually publish it.

Lots is going on and I'm antsy all around.

I am flying this evening to L.A. First I am going to work, rushing out of work, dropping my car off at my parents, where I'm also meeting my husband and children who will drive me to the airport.

This evening I packed. Actually I packed, unpacked, packed again, pushed, stuffed,unwrinkled, wrapped and rewrapped...and in the morning I will have to do it all again. My garment bag is stuffed; I'm changing my luggage to a suitcase. (actually I'll do it after I finish this post...I'll be rushing in the a.m.)

What?! She's going for four days and she needs a suitcase?

Yes, I need a suitcase; just call me a female. I need multiple pairs of shoes, two hats, and tons of space for mostly for people who are strangers (in some specific case, "STRANGE") to me. That is my carryon luggage -- a bag of gifts--hardly any room for my toiletries, but gifts galore. Maybe I'll stand in the Air Canada aisles of the plane and hawk the goods. "Wholesale, get your gifts wholesale..."

Anyways, yes I'm a last minute kind of person what with packing the night before and repacking the morning of...but Shabbos was in the way, Shavuot was in the way, life was in the way.

I am greatly anticipating this journey of mine. I have not traveled on my own for MANY MANY MANY years, and the last time being from Toronto to NYC. It is a journey, because I'm going into territory, which for me, is uncharted. But thanks to the world of blogging that I've partaken in for the past six months, I will arrive into this unfamiliar territory and will be warmly met and greeted by fellow bloggers.

I reiterate that the blogging world is expansive, yet it bridges many distances, narrows the margins and geographical spaces so that I can say, "You live there and you write to us here" not that "You live WA..Y....Y....Y over there and I live WA....Y....Y....Y....over here."

I'm tired, my head is pounding, I have to unpack and repack, get some sleep and wake up at 6:30, so I will bid you a fond adieu as I take my leave for the next few days to LA LA LAND.

Wishing you all well...and just a pearly of wisdom: "It's not always best to leave things to the last minute."

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PsychoToddler said...

Have a safe trip. Stay away from the Looneys. Oh, that may be tough out there...

Oh, and I have a friend from Milwaukee who'll be out there too this Shabbos.