Thursday, June 16, 2005

An Hour Later...

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It's just over an hour since I last posted, and yes, I'm still awake and at the computer in between transferring my traveling wardrobe from a garment bag to a suitcase. Only problem is that there are still shoes, and perhaps some gifts that I can transfer from the carryon to the suitcase. Yes, it's a big suitcase. My hubby is sleeping now and I can't get to the carryon. So that will have to wait till morning -- oh, it is morning. Okay, that's going to wait for about 4 more hours.

I commented on Treppenwitz's Carnival of the Blind Dates post about my worst blind date ever. But it's okay; I learned and grew from that experience. I grew a slightly thicker skin is all. Do check out some of the horror stories/experiences from dating hell that others confessed to. You might want to add a few of your own.

This is TorontoPearl signing off...

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