Thursday, June 09, 2005

I Made the Cover of a (Virtual) Magazine

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Wow, today I became...a cover story of a magazine. My Detroit-based blogging buddy AirTime has captured some of my "pearlies" for posterity's sake. He's "made an issue out of me."

Thanks, AirTime.

Check it out for yourselves.


Air Time said...

pearl - hope you liked it. I am not sure if it works on every computer, but you should be able to click on all the words on the cover and itt akes you to a different page on your blog.

Air Time said...

I did that because I need a favor from you. I need your grilled kishka recipe.

torontopearl said...

Air Time, here is the kishka recipe: heat up the barbeque; slice a kishka log or even a salami log in chunks; throw on the barbecue. Leave on for a while--you'll know when it's done!
B'teavon. (come to Toronto this summer; we'll feed you good barbecue and good beer!)

And yes, the cover elements worked for me, and I was able to see my previous posts! Thanks again.

Essie said...

Nice cover...congrats on making it to the big leagues ;)