Thursday, June 09, 2005

Schlepping Nachos All the Way

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(I hope the following is not truly deemed lashon harah; for me, it was a perk in my otherwise boring day.)

I have a dear dear dear friend who's been in my life for about 25 years. We went to high school together, really bonding when we were in our last year, we went to university together and we stayed friends through courtships and marriages and children.

Although Jewish, this friend wasn't raised in any kind of observant, or even traditional home. But she's made great strides over the years, has a better understanding of Jewish customs, religious terms and the like, and more importantly a respect for Yiddishkeit even while still not being observant in any real way, except for some family meals on Rosh Hashana and basic seder/meals on Pesach.

I'd e-mailed her and mentioned that my oldest son had a mishna presentation yesterday at the school, which I attended, and it was a lovely evening put together by some shlichim for the grade 4's and 5's.

My friend wrote back, "You must have been schlepping nachos with A's mishna presentation!"

Of course it was an error, a misguided response...but I smiled widely upon reading her words. They warmed my heart, just as seeing my son last night perform with his class on stage had me schepping naches!

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