Thursday, June 09, 2005

"Just Orthodox"

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In case I don't "connect" with you people tomorrow, or this weekend, have a Good Shabbos and a Chag Sameach -- for all you Shabbos/Shavuot observers.

***May you "schlep nachos" from your surrounding families. (but for the sake of this Yom Tov, make certain they're CHEESE nachos!)


Essie said...

I can't comment on the other blog, but just wanted you to know that I really liked the post. But I can't understand why a Jew would not greet another Jew who is wearing a kippah. I say Shabbat Shalom to my non-religious neighbors who are getting into their cars on Shabbat. How about some achdut here, people?

torontopearl said...

Welcome to my world, Essie. Thank you for visiting Pearlies of Wisdom.
Episodes such as the no-hello in return really get me; a Yid is a Yid is a Yid. Was it because I was with my husband, and G-d forbid a man should talk in the direction of a woman. On the other hand, I've passed many very frum-looking men who I've assumed would not say anything to me on Shabbos because I am a woman, so I held back from putting them in any awkward position by not addressing them. Surprise, surprise, they sometimes have said Good Shabbos to me themselves. So you never really know.
I HATE the gradations, the nuances and the very evident "holier than though" attitudes that reign among the different religious groups. I hate that a shul breaks off into several minyans at the same time -- "kehilla"/community is supposed to be the goal. Many times, unfortunately, it's not!

tuesdaywishes said...

I walk in the opposite direction to the majority of traffic going to and from shul. I say "Good Shabbos" or "Shabbat Shalom" to everyone, male or female, who looks like they are headed to or from shul. Everyone else gets "Good Morning" or "Hello". Almost everyone answers me. Maybe it's the cute toddler in my stroller.

Air Time said...

my friend will always say Shabbat Sholom (instead of Good Shabbos) to anyone he perceives as being more religious, just to see if they respond or get flustered.

90% of the time he says they walk on feeling flustered.

Have a good Shavuot. Your cover moved ahead of orthomom today.