Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Stop Interfering in My Life!

Blogroll Me!

I just wanted a catchy title to pull you in. This post has absolutely nothing to do with that title, but now that you're here, why not stay for the rest of the show. Turn up the volume on your computer speaker and listen to "Sounds of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel.

This brief post is just about one of my observations about blogging (again?) and commenting (again?). I have noticed that one never knows which posts will incite a mad rush of comments and which won't. As I peruse my favorite blogs, I see great posts that receive nada, zip, "efes" (zero) comments, and I wonder why. Then I read other posts that, like much of Seinfeld's routine, are about "nothing" -- and 30 comments follow.

Apparently there is sometimes absolutely no rhyme nor reason as to why certain posts get comments while others don't.

Someone I know has nearly 45 (at last count) comments on a very powerful post. That is the number of online comments; he told me he has over 100 post-related comments to read and respond to. Apparently that particular post struck a match in peoples' psyche, and very clearly that subject matter deserves not just a post, but a BLOG, of its own.

I've looked to my own blog to see if there's any kind of trend when I might get more comments than others.

Here's what I've figured out: 1.) when I do a lot of name dropping of fellow bloggers with links to their blogs, and 2) when I question out loud whether or not I should continue blogging. That's when the comments come.

(I'M WAITING..... tap, tap, tapping my foot!)


Dindel said...

oh a lighter note.
You've been tagged :)

Chaim said...

Am I understanding this right, you calling out for some comment love?

Cause if not .. then DONT QUIT ... (initiate hysterics and violins now ...)

Anonymous said...

Go away then, I know I won't miss you.

torontopearl said...

Anonymous -- and I won't even bother guessing who you might be -- if you won't miss me, why bother reading my post in the first place? You shouldn't even be here, leaving a comment!
Scat! Away with you! There's no place for you here!

Dindel said...

I would like to add: As someone who never seems to get any comments… I say. Who you really writing for anyway? I just like to get a little off my chest, you know make the voices in my head stop. ..
I like yor're blog even if i dont comment so much. (I try to limit it. Apparently somethimes i OVER comment. ) you’re usually pretty refreshing to read.

Air Time said...

questioning your desire to keep blogging is like watching your own funeral.

And requiring word verification will probably keep some comments away

torontopearl said...

I see I need to clarify; I don't intend to quit blogging. It was a lead-in, attention-seeking joke because I saw that posts that announce that I quit get the most comments. Wanted to see what comments this would bring.

But usually they're nice comments -- not nasty ones like Mr./Ms. Anonymous. I could have trashed that comment but didn't. But I think my responding comment made the point.

Air Time, as for the added word verification, I like to think of them as word scramble puzzles...

JC said...

Well, I will fall right in and beg, and beg yet again that you continue writing. I do find it nice though, that the majority of comments tend to be nice ones, even if in disagreement with the post. I love the blogging world. Of course, every once in a while we get to see the negative side of people too.....hmmmm.....or the annonymous negative side anyway.

M said...

Don't worry Pearl, we've all been tempted to post such things. It's an occupational hazard of blogging, I've found :)

(Oh, and I'd like to reiterate and re-emphasize your words to Anonymous. Such comments are unacceptable in any situation, but especially in as skillfully written, well-versed and dignified a blog as this.)

fsgsf said...

Figured I would comment just to make you happy that your blog is being read!


Nj from NJ

PsychoToddler said...

That's like yelling fire in a crowded theater!

Dindel said...

always yell fire!! its the most fun attention yu can get.
and does the word verification prevent spamers... I'm noticing spam in my comments... no fun?!

rabbi neil fleischmann said...

I just checked out these comments. Keep on blogging. What else can I say?