Thursday, December 16, 2004

To Know Me Is To Read Between the Lines

I think I'm a well-rounded person; a Jill of all trades, master of...only a couple.
But I HATE HATE HATE when people make assumptions about has been done much of my life.

"Oh, you're so quiet." "You're probably smart." "You must be very conservative in your thinking." These are just some of the comments I continue to hear from people.

You know what, people!? I'm not so quiet, I'm not always smart (didn't I tell you in an earlier blog that I can't refold maps?) and some of my thinking is are my impulsive actions and words at times. (but no birds get loose at those times!)

Well, I was at a work-related party this evening, and heard one of those lines from a fellow employee. "You're really going to surprise people." When I asked "Why?" I was told,"Because usually you're so nice and quiet." GRRR!!! Yes, I'm nice, but I'm not quiet...once upon a time, perhaps 25 and 30 years ago I was...but I outgrew that. I can sing with the rest of them, I can tell jokes and keep people laughing with the best of them. And it feels natural to me to do so. So, please, instead of saying that other people will be surprised, why not just say, " I didn't realize just how funny/offbeat/entertaining/etc., etc., etc. you were. Don't know why I ever assumed you were quiet."

Watch as those layers of Pearl unfold before your very eyes...