Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Help Sam

Winnipeg, Canada - An 84-year-old Orthodox Jewish man is in danger of being euthanized by Grace Hospital in Winnipeg, despite protests from his family that the hospital’s decision violates their religion (as was reported on YWN).
Samuel Golubchuk, whose family has been waging a court battle to keep him alive since late last November, was hospitalized for pneumonia in October of 2007. Doctors have attempted to hasten his death by starvation and dehydration, tactics that have been barred by a temporary court order keeping Samuel alive.
Golubchuk’s family claims that he is recovering due to medical treatment, and although Golubchuk is awake and responsive, doctors refuse to acknowledge the fact to the courts. Goluchuk suffered some brain damage in a fall in 2003, but is still responsive and capable of communication.

Please go to and sign the petition.

With your help, this man might have a continued chance to live by his own means.

(my husband knows this man and his family from his years of growing up in Winnipeg; when it becomes national news, and with this petition, international news, it truly is a sad situation, and we must help)