Wednesday, May 11, 2005

James Brown in the Yichud Room (knew that would grab your attention!)

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I drove home from work today the way I always drive -- one hand on the wheel, one hand on the radio tuner. I'm a notorious "tuner"/"channel changer"! I'll listen through a song or oftentimes just a few bars, and then I'm surfing the airwaves yet again. When I actually examine my habits, I realize that if the dial is set to a classical radio station, I'll keep it there for a longer time.

But any music I listen to grabs me...if only for a little while.

Today a James Brown song, "Papa's Got a Brand-New Bag," came on, and of course I had to listen to the whole song. Although James Brown is a caricature-like person to look at, his music is uplifting in its own way. His screaming voice, his grunts, the keyboards and drums in the background grab a great beat and stick to it. The music reminds me of days gone by, different clothing styles, different lingo, different world mentality.

As I listened to James's song, I couldn't help but have a flashback to my wedding day. Specifically following the chupah. Specifically in the yichud room.

Now I'm not sure what generally goes on in a yichud room between new husband and wife, and I've never bothered to consult with other newly-marrieds to take a poll. But I know how this newly-married at the time spent her time in the room.

Of course, my husband and I had both fasted that day, and it was probably after 7:00 p.m. by the time the chupah was over and we had our private time. I remember there being trays of hors d'oeuvres laid out for us, as well as drinks, but I wasn't hungry, even after the fasting. I was EXCITED, ELATED, ECSTATIC, ENTHUSIASTIC; I was someone wife, someone's daughter-in-law.

And what did I do to display my newfound energy? I kicked off my heeled shoes, picked up the hem of my beautiful wedding gown, started to dance and sing..."I Feel Good," one of James Brown's more famous tunes. It defined the moment, defined how I was feeling, defined my energy level.

Life was good. The night was young -- and I was married!

Roll Call

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Time: 9:00 p.m.

Setting: N's bedroom

Announcer: is everybody here?

Paddington Bear? "Here."
Brown Bear? "Here."
Clown Bear? "Here."
Mommy & Baby Bear? "Here, here."
Barney #1? "Here."
Barney #2? "Here."
Charmander? "Yup."
Moo-Cow, aka Cowie Mandell? "Here."
Gooberlee, formerly known as Dogless? "Right here."
Goldie? "Here."
Squeezer? "Here I am!"
Senor Toucan? "Si, senor, I ees here."
Whaley? "Here."
Crabby? "Here."
Kuni, aka Kuni Lemel? "Ani poh, I think."
Giraffa #1? "Poh."
Giraffa #2? "Poh."
Puppets? "Hey, give us a hand -- we're here."
Blankie, aka Shmatta Blankie? "Here."
Cowboy Blankie? "Ya, pardner, I'm gosh darn it here!"
Clown Blankie? "You're silly. Of course I'm here."

Announcer: Wait! Where's the kid?

Murmuring is heard. We wouldn't be here if not for the kid. Where's the kid?

Kid runs in breathless. "Sorry, I had to pee."

Announcer: This sleep session will now come to order.