Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Can't Make Tou Love Me - Bonnie Raitt

(I can't fix the Tou in the title and make it You)

I love this song.

I love to sing.

I love the idea of Karaoke.

Imagine a Pearlies of Wisdom rendition of this beautiful Bonnie Raitt song.

Bonnie Raitt..i cant make you love me

This is the real McCoy... Enjoy.

Sung more or less to THE BRADY BUNCH theme

It's the story
of a blogger named Neil
who was living with his ex in Redondo Beach
He kept us all informed
of his comings and goings
'cause we're not all within his physical reach.

It's the story
of Neilochka Kramer
who was celebrating something special
on this March date
but if you tune in
to the tributes sometime next week
you'll be a few days much too late!

So we wish you, Neil,
a very happy birthday
you're one hell of a special kind of guy
you have the gift to make us laugh or scream hysterically
some of us have been even known to cry

That's Neil Kra-mer, that's Neil Kra-mer
Our favorite "Citizen of the Month"...

Happy Birthday, Neil. Sending you warm wishes from Toronto..........................