Friday, April 01, 2005

The Eagles Have Left the Building

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Apparently, the Eagles have left the building. (and took my list of favorite blogs with them, those dirty rats!)

Now, for your enjoyment, we have Mr. Paul Simon.

I Asked...and Got an Answer

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I've had a Pesach-related Halachic question floating around my brain forever. Back and forth, back and forth, my husband and I have tossed the matter around over the past few years. He has his minhagim, I have mine, but we'd agreed on this minhag. However it was time to find out if it was just our family traditions ruling us, or if there was any Halachic basis to our years-old practice.

I just got off the computer (thought I was going to say "phone," didn't you?) with a religious adviser from Aside from it being a web site offering insights, I received immediate gratification with receiving an answer after my online discussion with the "agent" at the other end.

This service is run by Lubavitch, and I've used it before. It is a wonderful resource for some quick responses, if you don't want to call your own rabbi or another religious educational institution/organization.

Please go ask Moses your questions. He is online 24/6!