Monday, October 10, 2011

Soho Suite

You know the expression "curl up with a good book"? How about curling up with a comforter around you, lots of cozy pillows, a nice drink within reach and this CD Soho Suite playing in the background.

Based in New York City, Swedish singer and songwriter and American Smooth Jazz Award nominee Anders Holst brings old fans -- and new ones -- this wonderful compilation of  songs that look at love, and relationships, and changes in a person.

"How Many Times Do You Fall in Love?" "Love Surrender" "Time Is Not Waiting" "What Your Love Has Done to Me" are just a few of the titles on this compilation.

Anders, with his sultry, smoky and oftentimes raw voice, sings his ballads directly to you. You could be sitting in a room with hundreds of people, but you'd think he's directing his words to you.

He is the ideal singer because he isn't just singing lyrics, he is truly telling a story, when he sings about love, come and gone. His raw honesty makes you think about your own relationship with the one you love, or past relationships you might've left behind.

Forget the orchestration -- which is wonderful -- and the sound mixing -- which also works well, and concentrate on the voice of this man who embodies deep love, deep pain, wonder and confusion as he takes you on this musical journey of Soho Suite... You, and you alone.

For more information about Anders Holst do check out his website