Sunday, June 10, 2007

Auto Observations

This is a SMART car. However, to me, this car looks so dumb!

As I passed one today in a driveway, I thought: "How can anyone take this car seriously?"

Whenever I pass one, I announce to my kids in the back seat, or say to myself, "There goes a putt-putt." That's what I call them. Or I call them glorified golfing carts.

I laugh silently -- or aloud -- when I see one. I, for one, cannot take them seriously. They are cute, they are chichi, they are an attraction...but they look like too much of a novelty.

What's interesting for me -- especially after posting this -- is that the logo for the model is: "open your mind" (TM)

So open your mind, get a SMART car, and zip around the city in it...instead of on the golf course!


I was driving in my neighborhood this morning and passed a car with something hanging from the central mirror.

It made me laugh to myself.

No. It wasn't a pair of fuzzy dice.

No. It wasn't a pair of baby shoes.

No. It wasn't a Beanie Baby. (tm)

No. It wasn't a Tefillat Haderech. (Traveler's prayer)


It was a huge chai.

The kind of chai you'd imagine spoofed on an episode of Saturday Night Live. With some depiction of an old Jewish guy or a young, supposedly cool Jewish guy, wearing a more-than-oversized chai like this, hanging down to his pupik!

The car was a sedan. Thank G-d it wasn't a SMART car. Then I would have had two reasons to laugh!!