Thursday, May 26, 2005

Blogroll Me!

Hey, someone over at linked to my "Bloggers Anonymous Wannabe" post a short while ago, referred to by

Hey, who are you, I have a show I'd like to pitch to you. It's a show about a blog. But in reality it's about NOTHING. "Yeah, a show about nothing. It can work. We'll make it work!"

So, someone over at, who linked to my site, when can we set up a meeting? Have your people call my people. Better yet, have your people send a comment to my blog!

Bloggers Anonymous Wannabe

Blogroll Me!

Fellow blogger Neil Fleischmann, of NY's Funniest Rabbi fame (see link in margin) posted this wonderful scenario.

I hate to admit it, but I'm supposed to be at that meeting...right now, at 12:55 a.m.

Care to join me at Bloggers Anonymous?

"Hello my name is {YOUR NAME HERE} and I'm a blogger."


"I started out slowly. Someone told me I'd like it so I got a blogspot blog. It was free. I figured why not. I posted...I thought that was it. But a few days later I went back. Then I went back the next day. Before I knew it I was posting several times a day. Then I got my first comment. I'll never forget the rush...I was hooked. I started checking regularly for comments. Commenting on other blogs... hoping they'd visit mine. Then I stopped leaving the house because I needed to blog. Then I started skipping meals...staying up all night. Then a friend told me about these meetings. At first I said I could stop whenever I wanted, that some people had blog addictions but not me. Then they turned my electricity off because I didn't pay because all I was doing was the blog. The blog became a blob... taking over my life. So I joined a friend for a meeting, just to see, not because I was ready to admit my problem. And I couldn't believe the similar stories I read. People from far away... Texas and Toronto... with stories that sounded so much like mine. Computers needed fixing, books needed editing, students needed to be taught, but they all fell to the wayside because of THE BLOG. But then I saw people getting better... through the meetings. We will always be bloggers. But there is a force bigger than ourselves, even bigger than technical support. We must give ourselves over to the program. If you're in this chat room for the first time know... there is hope. Thank you.

~ copyrighted by Rabbi Neil Fleischmann 2005 ~