Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Philadelphia Freedom

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I received an e-mail today from a staff writer of a Philadelphia newspaper. She'd managed to come across my post from November that dealt very tongue-in-cheek with wanting there to be extended hours for stores and services, extended even meaning 'round-the-clock.

She'd read my piece, was writing something similar for the Philly paper, and wanted to interview me about my post, any comments it might've gotten, and she had some other questions for me as well. We decided on an e-mail interview.

She told me later in another e-mail, after I'd responded to her questions, that she managed to get some good quotes from my answers and that the article was scheduled to appear online in mid-January.

What can I say? I was pretty pleased as punch to have been contacted. As well, as I discussed it earlier with someone today, the Internet can be a tricky place. Yes, we have freedom to say what we want, but we have to be careful what we say 'cause it might just come back to bite you on the tushie!

Now I don't know anyone in Philly to whom I can point out the article in a few weeks when it appears, but some people in Philly will know me thereafter. They'll know my first name, my online name and the name of my blog. That's good enough for me; at least there's someone out there -- a stranger to me -- who thinks that something I've said is print-worthy, not just blog-worthy!