Thursday, March 03, 2011

Changing It Up!

I have neglected Blogger.

There's a Toronto campaign for donating blood. Their slogan is: Blood. It's in you to give.

Unfortunately, my blog hasn't seen much of me because there's rarely anything in me to give. And if I give, I want it to be somewhat worthwhile.

But I decided to check out blog designs and reinvent myself.

Yesterday evening I had one new design/typeface. Today I have another.

I realized that "dressing" one's blog is like dressing oneself -- there are always options, ways to enhance or detract from a look; ways to make a lasting impression and stand out in a crowd.

If I wanted to, I could change my blog's design on a daily basis -- even several times a day. Design as the mood hits me.

But then again, I must heed the translation of the French expression that says: "Clothes don't make the man."
However I design my blog doesn't necessarily "make" the blog. It's the words that have the true essence; its design is simply the wrapping.

So I guess I'd better keep my designing layouts to a minimum and concentrate more on creating words.

After all, that was why I started a blog all those years ago...