Monday, August 22, 2005

Oh My Goodness -- I'm a (Kosher) Blog Hog!

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Oh my goodness; today I noticed that I display a rather nasty tendency in the blogging world: I'm a "blog hog"!

I don't know if that phrase exists already, but if not, consider it mine. It means that I'm hogging comment cyberspace. Not that I do it all the time, not that I do it on every blog that I read and choose to comment on, but certainly I've found that I make some comment that has its own way of directing its spotlight on me, rather than exclusively on the blogger's post.

One would think that I don't have my own soapbox on which to stand and recite or rant or display or point out, when in fact I do. But sometimes I'm moved to make a comment elsewhere that relates to the post at hand, but suddenly takes on a life of its own as I put myself and my experiences into the comment. Am I taking something away from the blogger, or am I enhancing what he/she has said? I wonder.

I really don't like this quality and dislike that it's reared its ugly head; I've talked before about not being egotistical and disliking why does it appear that I've seemingly joined that group?

Maybe you'll comment and say that a comments forum is for opinions and speaking your mind; comment threads often take tangents and eventually steer themselves back to the original topic. But like anything else in life, there's a wrong way and a right way to do things. Perhaps I've taken the wrong way...?