Wednesday, February 13, 2008

That's My Boy!

My little guy made a couple of sweet comments in the last couple of days, and I wanted to share them. Of course they might not have the same impact on you as they did on me...simply because he's not YOUR little guy.

1. Noam was trying to describe a snack his friend had brought to school.
"It has chocolate and -- you know cigars? yeah, this was like cigars. (he proceeded to demonstrate how you smoke an imaginary cigar) Yeah, they're called SMOKERS, and they're like cigars but smaller."

Me: "You mean cigarettes?"

Noam: "Yeah, i didn't know the name for them. I thought they're called smokers."

[I love that name; I think it's great that he knew the word cigars but not cigarettes!]

2. We have a fairly large kitchen with a freezer-fridge and a stand-up freezer that are side by side. Now one of my weaknesses is that I put everything on these unit doors with magnets. Usually there's no longer white space on the appliances and the papers that are posted began to fall down in spite of the magnets.
Yesterday, Noam posted a birthday party invitation on the freezer door. This morning he couldn't remember where he'd put it on the door and tried to spot it among the posted papers and invitations.

"There's the party invitation! I see it. And I saw a spider on the fridge this morning."

Me: "A spider?"

Noam: "Yeah, a common house one."

[to me a spider is a spider and I don't differentiate between them...unless it's a tarantula! the fact that Noam elaborated -- correctly and knowingly -- on the type of spider made me grin]