Thursday, April 21, 2005

Putting the Pieces Back Together

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Of course I have to post something Pesach-related, considering that it's almost upon us, and most of the blogs I've been reading make some mention of the holiday. So here's my contribution...

As a bright person, I often wonder if my brain is missing just a little bolt, or a little screw because I have some difficulty with doing puzzles, refolding maps and tasks like that. Sometimes my logical skills are weak, other times they shine. But around Pesach, when I'm doing a major spring cleaning, that part of the brain needs to be oiled just a touch more.

I've just finished cleaning my car's interior, saving myself a good $65-$90 in doing it myself. And when I'm transporting three young children here and there in the vehicle, it shows in the car's interior. First I pulled out all the car mats, and the rubber mats, and the child's car seat, and then I really got IN the cleaning mode: sprayed everything DOWN, vacuumed everything UP, turned everything OVER that was loose, got UNDER the seats and threw all the garbage OUT.

Now that part of the brain has to figure out which mats go where and how to put them back!

The other night, it was the two fridges that I'd cleaned -- pulling out all the drawers, all the shelves. My husband had already gone to sleep as I did my task late at night, and I knew I couldn't wake him up to help me out. From past years' experience, I knew that I'd always call, "Honey, could you come here please? I can't remember where everything goes and how to put everything back in the fridge [that's without referring to the food in the fridge!]." I was dreading that this year I'd stumble over the same stumbling block, but lo and behold, I DID IT, and without difficulty! What accounted for the smoothness of it all this time around? I didn't change my ways -- I didn't take a shelf out, wash it, and immediately replace it, which one would think is the logical way of treating this weakness of mine, ie. one step at a time; complete it; go on to next step. No, I took out all items at once, and then put them back one after another.

Okay, so something helped me along -- perhaps I had to compensate for lack of sleep by being acutely "sharp" this time. Who knows? But if you'd like to hand me that road map of California, maybe I could refold it for you...?


May your reliving of the Jews' exodus from Egypt by retelling the story of the Haggadah be most meaningful for you and your family. Hope every one of you Jewish readers can send me a post card from your seder, saying, "Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here!"