Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A Jewish Child's Thinking

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I am a Jewish adult. Once upon a time (but really not all that long ago) I was a Jewish child. Check out the linking title to see my post on THE JEWISH CONNECTION; get to know the child that I once was...

Hope you all had a fishy, cheesy, milk-it-for-all-its-worth Shavuot!


P.S. Today is my oldest child's 10th birthday.

Happy Birthday, A.

Must say that I don't know where the past 10 years have gone--your arrival made Aba and I new members of the parenthood club. Yes, membership has its trials and tribulations, but we wouldn't miss it for the world.

Don't know that you'll ever get to read this, although you do know that your "Ema has a blog." But know that I love you, will always love you and will continue to declare it to the world in various ways, even via blogs and published poetry.

You are a special boy whose potential shines through each moment of each day. You made us proud parents 10 years ago; each day only reinforces that fact.

May G-d grant you good health and a long life, and may G-d also grant you the wisdom to make good choices in life.


A Proud Ema