Friday, April 15, 2005

Life Is a Mystery...

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In the world of fiction writing
few make it to the top,
but if they reach the pinnacle
they hope success won't stop.

And farther down, below on ground,
the readers stand and stare,
hoping their favorite gifted writers
will remain atop, up there.

Now one of these fine wordsmiths
likes to drop hints in all her books --
if it's mysteries that intrigue you
pick up hers and take a look.

Visit with a modern Orthodox Jewish sleuth
Molly Blume is the character's name,
she'll help you get over your BLUES IN THE NIGHT
but there might be GRAVE ENDINGS all the same.

Or perhaps you're in need of a DREAM HOUSE,
in which you can take pride,
but beware of all the dangers
which could be lurking there inside.

And then there is the Jessie Drake series
featuring several wonderful titles
and this author also has numerous stand-alone books
which have kept her fans in smiles.

It's time that I remove the veil of secrecy
and share this author's name
because with my Pearlies of Wisdom blog
I hope to bring her more fame.

Rochelle Krich would be the author you seek
her titles you'll want to buy
she's already won a Calavera Award
so why not give her books a try?

If you seek more info about this author
please visit her at her site is the place to go
whether it's morning, noon or night.

And believe it or not, she keeps a blog
just like this one on your screen
you can link to it via her web site
so you can see in fact what I mean.

Rochelle has an interesting name for her blog
which captures everything and more
"News, Views and Shmooze" is what you'll Google
then go and read it and learn what's in store...