Monday, May 30, 2005

Moving On

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Regarding some of my posts over the past several months, one might think that I thrive on sadness or tragedy or life's difficult challenges. Such is not the case. I have just always been a thinking, feeling person -- my heart bleeds very easily for people, even people I do not know. My feelings of empathy and compassion are strong and sometimes overshadow my thoughts. But I cannot help that.

It is certainly not as if I grew up in a depressing environment, even while being a child of a survivor. Love and laughter have always prevailed in my parents' home, and certainly now in my own.

But I guess I often stop to smell the roses even if I've cut myself with its thorns...

Do read Glen Holman's personal blog, Moving On. He has words to share with you -- words describing love...loss...and love.