Monday, January 19, 2009

Shed a Little Tear

If any of you out there ever find it difficult to cry for whatever reason, if you hold yourself in check, trying to remain strong, if you say to yourself "I haven't had a good cry in a long time," then this show's for you!

EXTREME MAKEOVER : HOME EDITION is an hour of compassion, creativity, community solidarity and stories of the heart. You watch this show, making sure you have a box of tissues close at hand. Your eyes well up, the tears began to roll down your cheeks, and you noisily blow your nose as you are overcome with emotion. And some twenty minutes into the show, along with those on screen, you chant the mantra: "Move that bus!"

You, too, are overwhelmed by the magnificence of what teamwork can accomplish in a few short days. You, too, are curious by what the interior of a new house will disclose. And you, too, are silenced by the wonderful bonuses thrown into the deal.

I guarantee that, unless you are a piece of wood, you will be moved by this show, and your guarded emotions will reveal themselves.