Monday, August 08, 2005


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When I began reading Rabbi Neil Fleischmann's blog, I became more aware of the "haiku" poetry form. I would sometimes comment on his posts in copycat haiku form, which did not come too easily for me; perhaps that form comes easily to him.

But haiku opened my mind and got my creative juices flowing.

Just today, on my desk at work, under a pile of papers I found some haiku I'd written in May/June of this year. This is not ordinary haiku; rather, it's haiku with a twist...a Jewish twist. Thus it's called Jewku.

--written May 18:

In May of this year
I discovered Jewish verse
"Jewku" I call it.

Familiar haiku
with some Jewish content (sales)
for you a bargain.

Wholesale poetry
All new, not used, metziahs.

--written May 19:

Sunday morning brunch.
a schmear of cream cheese and lox
on toasted bagel.

--written June 1:

Tribal laws decree
you are Jewish if Mom is.
Your dad does not count.


Good cooks run rampant
amidst my family's men--
tastefully good men.