Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Mom Poem

It's true that my youngest turned ten years old
a couple of weeks ago
It would have been ideal
To celebrate that weekend
But we had way too much on the go.

So tonight's the night we are doin' our thing
to help Noam be a ten year old boy
We've invited to our house
some nine of his peers
To have a sleepover here, oh joy!

Am I a good mom or simply a nut
To let Noam's crew hang out with us
With Passover 'round the corner
There's so much to do
But for Noam we made no fuss.

So I'll vacuum again tomorrow mid-morn
when the kids all pick up and go
Pillows packed away,
the sleeping bags gone
At least Noam will be happy, you know.