Thursday, May 19, 2005

I've Got That Holiday Feeling

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My brain has gone on vacation -- WITHOUT MY BODY!

I'm still in Toronto, but my head is in California, specifically Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

What's it doin' there, you ask?

I guess it's casin' the joint, checking things out until my body can join it in a few weeks' time.

It's MAPQUESTing and GOOGLEing and doing that kind of research stuff, just so when I get there, my body will know what to do and where to go.

My brain already knows who I'm going to meet when I'm in LA-LA Land: at least three fellow bloggers, and perhaps some commenters, too. My brain isn't quite sure, though, what to do now that it has that information. Right now my brain is telling me I should be excited about these face-to-face encounters...and I am. I will be meeting people with whom I exchange playful banter, heartfelt emotions and serious thoughts. Hopefully they will see that I am the same in person as I am on a computer screen. Will I give them any reason to think any less of me when the words I speak are not tapped away on a keyboard, but come from my mouth? I can't make a comment and then hit a DELETE key; everything I say -- and do -- will be the equivalent of the PUBLISH key.

Hey, I think my brain is visiting Hollywood Boulevard as I'm typing this. It already checked out West Pico. Hey, brain, wait for me....

I'll let you people know when my body has arrived to meet my brain.