Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Published Again

The Canadian Jewish News is a weekly newspaper that caters guessed it...the Canadian Jewish community. Each Passover issue features a literary supplement, and as long as I've been submitting my poetry, it's been published.

This year I submitted two personal poems (whatever is submitted has to have a Jewish bent to it -- DUH!) and both will appear in this week's print edition, and is also online.

One poem is about my husband, and what happened when he lost his mother. The other poem is about my father: simply about the man he was.

If you click on the title of this post, you can link to the online edition of the newspaper. There you should find my two poems on pages B2 and B12.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Mom Poem

It's true that my youngest turned ten years old
a couple of weeks ago
It would have been ideal
To celebrate that weekend
But we had way too much on the go.

So tonight's the night we are doin' our thing
to help Noam be a ten year old boy
We've invited to our house
some nine of his peers
To have a sleepover here, oh joy!

Am I a good mom or simply a nut
To let Noam's crew hang out with us
With Passover 'round the corner
There's so much to do
But for Noam we made no fuss.

So I'll vacuum again tomorrow mid-morn
when the kids all pick up and go
Pillows packed away,
the sleeping bags gone
At least Noam will be happy, you know.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

More Photos for Your Viewing Pleasure

Contact sheet, character study of Jacob Adler, circa 1986

Contact sheet, character study of Jacob Adler, circa 1986

Circa 1986, "Faith"

Kensington Market, Toronto, circa 1987, old-time Jewish butcher (not Kosher anymore)

Monday, March 01, 2010

Adler-Saban Gallery Is Now Open For Viewing

My mom brought over a bag yesterday of photos I'd taken when I'd gone back to school in 1986 and did a Book & Magazine Publishing program. I learned photo techniques as well as blackroom and developing techniques.

I loved photography and the manual camera. Ask me today if I recall how to use one, though!

Imagine when you talk to a dog and he cocks his head sideways in a puzzled manner. That is how I viewed the world through my viewfinder...always with offbeat angles and unique views.

Photojournalism is wonderful, and no doubt I should have pursued it a bit more -- for  pleasure.

Kensington Market, Toronto, circa 1987, "What a hunk!"

Downtown Toronto, circa 1987, "Synchronicity"

                                                                  Downtown Toronto, circa 1987, "Alleyway Cast-Offs"

Chinatown, Spadina Avenue, downtown Toronto, circa 1987

Circa 1987, my father, Jacob Adler, z"l, and a photo of his grandparents

A sample book cover I designed for my photography course, 1987

A reflection shot, downtown Toronto, 1987

Another reflection shot, downtown Toronto, 1987

Another reflection shot, downtown Toronto, 1987

Another reflection shot, interior, downtown Toronto, 1987