Monday, December 05, 2005

And I Quote...

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The great thing about blogging is that it’s forged relationships between people who are scattered around the world.

The bad thing about blogging is that it’s forged relationships between people who are scattered around the world.

Hey, that’s not bad. You can have that one.

Extracted from some personal correspondence I had today with PsychoToddler. Thanks, "Psycho," for those Pearlies of Wisdom.

Guys, Your Sensitivity Is Showing...And I Like It!

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I like men who are sensitive. I like men who feel free to sniffle and perhaps shed a tear while watching a sentimental commercial or a heart-rending film. I like men who have the courage to say what they're feeling deep down inside, not hide behind some machismo...or sense of bravado.

To hell with being a man's man. There's a time and a place for everything. It's time to be a sentimental fool. Not a wimp, not a wuss, but someone who is not afraid to reveal his deep self. Someone who, like the Cowardly Lion, "finds" his courage to do so, after having discovered it was within him all along.

I read my regular blogs, a number of them written by men. Yes, we have those blogs that are full of jock talk and politics and personal challenges and base humor. Those kind of blogs I call "guy blogs".

And then there are the blogs that touch a nerve -- they reveal the whole person, from the tips of his shoes to the top of his head; they murmur to us from the heart, from the deep-down feelings that this blogger has. The sensitivity, the compassion, the level-headedness, the deep insights are shared and revealed.

I will not name names. You know who you are. In my correspondence with several of you, I've written how much I enjoy your words, but perhaps I've never truly revealed why. And now you know. I enjoy reading the poetry and the wisdoms you share in your posts; I prefer to know how and why your heart or your ego are wounded, than how you scored or how your team scored.
You don't have to be serious in order to show your true colors, but it is your true colors that beg to come through.

Okay, from personal experience, yes, it can be awkward or embarrassing to have a man cry in my presence, but knowing that the person feels comfortable enough to cry in front of me is more than okay. It makes the person special in my eyes.

I find that it truly makes them human.