Friday, December 30, 2011

Life by Me

Yes, I know I wrote a few posts ago how much I dislike braggers and how I try not to brag. Consider this post NOT A BRAG, but rather a CALL-OUT for your attention.

Back in September, fellow blogger Danny Miller featured on his blog a wonderful essay that he'd written and had published on Life by Me. As I'd never heard of the website, I began to peruse it, after having read his piece. And then I wondered if just anyone can write and submit an essay, or if you had to really be someone in the cultural, political, business world, so I wrote and asked for guidelines. A month later I'd written a piece, which I submitted.

Today, my piece was published on this wonderful website. It gives me the greatest pleasure to have my essay featured on this site because: of the company I'm keeping; because of the wonderful insights shared by other contributers; because they opted to use my words (very minimal editing done to them); because my essay gets to close out 2011 on LIFE BY ME. And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that I'm so pleased to have another venue in which to briefly talk about my beloved late father, Jacob Adler.

So in essence, the fact that my essay has been published is an homage to me and to what I consider meaningful in life, and to my dad, who helped give my life some meaning.

Please take some time to peruse the website; it is wondrous and very eye-opening. There are very interesting people out there who are moved by the simplest or the most complex things in life...and have shared their thoughts with you. It is, in essence, a very inspiring website.

Here is the link to my essay.

Wishing you all meaningful lives and wonderful inspiration in 2012.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wrap It Up...

2011 is nearing its end and 2012 is peeking out from around the corner. What will the New Year bring? Who knows, but hopefully it'll be all good. My family should stay healthy and happy, my kids should do well socially and academically, and our financial status should only get  better, not worse.

2011 proved that I did a lot of wasting -- and "waisting".

I used -- and wasted! -- lots of fruits and vegetables by overbuying and not using the stuff because I had to throw it out when it spoiled.
I used lots of paper towels in the kitchen instead of using cloth towels, i.e. I wasted a lot of paper.
I used lots of dishwashing soap in the kitchen, thus wasting it.
I used lots of water -- too much at times -- thus wasting it.

I wasted so much time, putting off the things I should be doing to do the things I like to do, ie. spend hours at the computer, on FB, on blogs, doing personal information searches. Log the number of hours spent in front of a screen, but not actually doing any type of real work, and much of the day is gone.

And I "waisted" -- loving my foods and my foods loving me back...and clinging to me.

So I hope to minimize the waisting  ("waist away") -- and the wasting -- in the coming year. Because... when you really think about it, the end result of "wasting" is actually part of the word:  it stings.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Aging Like a Fine Wine...or Am I?

I was at a department store last week making a purchase.

As I stood at the cash to pay, the clerk looked at me briefly and asked, "Senior?"

I gawked at her. "WHAT!?"

"Today is senior's day for those 55 and over. If you're a senior you get an added discount."

I laughed, embarrassed and horrified at the same time. "I hope you don't really think I'm a senior...?"

"I don't know, but I have to ask."

"What if I would've said that I was a senior?"
"Well, you should be honest about it."

"No, I'm not a senior...just yet."


I think I was entitled to that extra discount just for being asked the offensive question.

I do not look 55. I just turned 50. I do not look 50. People think I'm a good 10 years younger. I do not look 55.... DO I?

I'm not ready to have that kind of SENIORity just yet!