Saturday, March 12, 2005

My Pearlies of Wisdom Are To Be Shared

Blogroll Me! husband gave his dvar Torah at seudat shlishit at the shul ( this evening and my children and I were there to bear ear witness to the fact. When you don't do dvar Torahs on a regular basis, it can be somewhat scary, I believe. When you don't have a yeshivish background and can't cite rabbeim left, right and center, it can be even scarier. But Kol Hakavod, he did more than fine, and my children behaved, so that counted for something!

Yes, it is an Orthodox minyan, but yes, too, the women wield a bit of power, too, thanks to the rebbetzin there. I am not a feminist so power doesn't make me trip out or anything, but I'm pleased for the women in the shul that sometimes they get their way.

One of the ways is that women are also invited to give d'var Torahs at seudat shlishit. And once my husband had accepted giving his, the rabbi turned to me and asked, "So, Pearl, do you want to give one the week after?"

I sort of gaped; what kind of dvar Torah could I give? I asked if it would have to be on the week's parsha and he said, "It could be on anything." But we never confirmed that I would give one, and my husband thought perhaps the rabbi wasn't serious about the offer. So this evening I asked him, and he said, "Yes, I was serious. Please do one."

Now, I'm committed to doing a dvar Torah. It will be actually in two weeks, which is just by Purim. But talk about Purim will have tired people out already, and I don't want to bore the congregants in any way. I could throw in a joke, though, and talk about Madonna trying to be like Queen Esther, by taking that name (Kabbala Center approved) for herself...but I think not. As we were leaving the shul, someone asked if I would maybe talk about the book THE HEBREW KID AND THE APACHE MAIDEN, which I reviewed and included in a profile about its publisher/owner, Robert Avrech and Seraphic Press. I sure could talk about that, but I'd prefer for Robert to come to our fine city and give the talk himself.

I could talk about blogging...and Judaism in the blogosphere, and do some name dropping there, but I think not. I could talk about lashon hara, guarding of the tongue, which is a mainstay in my family, but I think not. I could recite some of my poetry, but I think not.

So now I'm looking for any good, easily researchable topic, that doesn't necessarily have to do with parshat ha-shavuah. I welcome any suggestions from my readers.

Yes, it is a challenge for me, but one I'm gladly willing to accept. Any challenge like this is an opportunity for and even a demonstration of my personal growth. Once upon a time, this Pearl would not dare even get up in front of the class to give a talk, unless she had to. These days, this Pearl welcomes having the opportunity to speak in front of large groups. Proof to me how far I've come in life.