Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Games, Grins & Giggles

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My little guy is an avid game player, whether it be sports, a board game, GameCube or Foozball.

He is not only a game player; he is a game winner! This kidlet, who's been around since 2000, has mastered the art of winning...and laughing deviously and demonically as he is declared "the winner!"

Yesterday we were playing a Pop-o-Matic game, circa 1970-- you know, Trouble, Headache, Frustration...and the less renowned Cross Over the Bridge. These board games are housed at my parents' from when I was a child living there. Mr. TorontoPearl, Jr., was my partner in Cross Over the Bridge. I did let him get away with stuff, which I probably wouldn't let a peer in my age group get away with, and he was a winner -- not once, not twice, but three times. The glee that broke out on his face made it all worthwhile.

He is a master controller when he plays GameCube with his older brother, and he learns from the games, too. Not just "bad things", but he can name countless baseball players and baseball teams from playing an online baseball game. He is thrilled to announce to me in the kitchen, "I'm winning...sixteen to nothing."

This evening we played Foozball. Perhaps it's that hand-eye masterful coordination he's acquired from his playing GameCube, but whatever the reason, he rightfully won each time we played...and we played several times. He shrieked with joy and giggled in abundance knowing that he "beat Eema."

As I'm wearing egg on my face from having been beaten (ooh...I saw that inintentional pun AFTER I typed this) by a five-year-old, that five-year-old is wearing a big grin from having beaten his mother.

And seeing that grin on that winner's face makes me realize something. Some years ago I rolled the dice, moved a few spaces ahead in life, rolled the dice again, acquired some prime real estate, rolled the dice again, and got some pieces to call my own.

I think I'm the biggest winner ... in THE GAME OF LIFE.

I'm on a (Blog) Roll...

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A Blogger's Prayer

Now I sit me
down to blog
on this great venue --
my weblog.

I pray the computer
my blog to keep
when I lay me
down to sleep.

I hope to rise to
read your critique
it's the necessary feedback
that I seek.

I thank you each
for all your time
for reading my words,
and reading my rhyme.

I must end here
my day is done
goodbye, fellow bloggers,
au revoir, everyone.

Do You Speak Blog?

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Hey, people, I just came up with a new term.

You know the term "doggone it" -- that pretty euphemism for "damn it"?

I just thought up "bloggone it".

It's a two-purpose word. I'm going to experience something today and then I'm going to "bloggone it!" Or, if I mess up my post and lose it without being able to recover it, I'll be likely to say, "Oh, bloggone it!"

Oh, and when I was typing this, I came up with another term: a bloglet.

If I allow you to guest post on my blog, you become a "bloglet"!

And if you're blogging too much, as I do, I might announce/declare a "blogs-out": a signal for turning off blogs and getting some much-needed sleep.

And then there's a "blogime" -- that pattern of action that sees you blogging before breakfast, at lunch and after dinner.

And sometimes, like me, you might be "blogged-out" -- you will have lost your brilliant ideas for the time being, will need to advertise for a bloglet and will heed the blogs-out signal.

Oh, bloggone it, my lunchtime is over.