Thursday, March 31, 2005

She Loves You, ya YA-YA

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I am forever checking out publishers' web sites to see what's new in the book world, even if I don't end up reading these books that are being marketed online.

And in my journey among some publishers' sites this evening, I encountered an entire marketing world around the "Ya-Ya" books that have been very popular (but which I haven't YET read).

Here is a fun link to help you generate your YA-YA Sisterhood name.

I entered my information and received this message: Your Ya-Ya name is Mistress Loves To Read -- how ve...r....r....y interesting. How does this name generator know that I work in the publishing arena and that I love to read?

For fun I also threw in my husband's name and got back this message: Viscountess Loves To Cook. (no, he's not a viscountess, nor even a viscount, but yes, he loves to cook!)

And if you do check it out, let me know in the comments section what your YA-YA name is.

How Time Flies...

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I read Robert Avrech's Seraphic Secret today, specifically his latest post, "School."

Reading the post compelled me enough to comment on his site. But I also have to admit that personally I'm suffering from some guilt as a result of reading his post.

Several times, in the heat of my frustration-of-the-moment with my two oldest children (but still quite young!), I've had the audacity to blurt out, "Why don't you just grow up already!?"

And then I look at all three of my children at a different moment and wonder sadly, "How have they grown up so quickly? Where has the time gone?"

Music, Anyone?

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(First let me go into a corner and growl a bit -- damn Blogger! You made me lose my post once again.)

Okay, I'm fine now....

In case any of you have tuned in to Pearlies of Wisdom and you hear some music, specifically the Eagles singing "Hotel California," do know that you're not going out of your head. If you scroll way, way down to the bottom of the page, you'll see a video playing.

Yesterday I was haunting a couple of my favorite blogs and saw that this video feature had been added. Although I'm not a copycat by nature, I like the feature and added it to my own blog.

I chose the song, keeping in mind some of my California-based readers. But the truth is that this video wasn't my first choice. I'm a fond lover of all kinds of music, but I didn't want to offend any of my readers with a video featuring a female singer or female dancers in the background.

Perhaps there are some of you who don't normally listen to secular music and are offended even by the Eagles. Please let me know -- I'd rather you tune in to Pearlies of Wisdom than have to tune in and then tune out because of the background music.

I'll be the DJ and turn off the music if necessary...

****** A 3:45 p.m. addendum********
I respect my readers, so remember, if you'd like, I'll cancel the video segment; if not, do realize that I will change it from time to time so that it won't only be the Eagles doing the serenading. Thank you, from the management!