Thursday, December 08, 2005

Blog Posts: The New "You Gotta See This" for the 21st Century

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I made an observation today after I was corresponding with an online, long-distance friend. Both of us had been following a rather heated post, the online back-and-forth between several bright people who were "discussing" Orthodoxy, Conservative and Reform Judaism, over at Seraphic Secret.

I didn't dare venture into that comments forum, in fear that I'd be eaten up and spit out, if I offered my humble opinion. The familiar lions were certainly all showing their claws, and I was content to sit in the audience and just watch and perhaps learn from the goings-on.

Anyhow, my friend wrote (and it wasn't instant messaging that we were doing, either; it's just that I refer to my e-mail messages often and am pretty much on top of things) and said something like: "You must go and check out the blog and see what comments have just been added and by whom."

It was as if my friend was calling me on the phone and saying, "Pearl, you've got to turn to Channel 13. Michael Feinstein is playing piano on 'American Classics' right now." Of course, I'd run and turn on the TV if I received such a message from her. And just in the same way did I quickly dash back over to Seraphic Secret to read what was happening, what was stirring the pot.

When people want you to check out another blog, they might link to it in their own blog, or just casually say "Go to such-and such and see what so-and-so has to say about such-and-such." I might stroll casually over to the recommended site. But this? Today? This was like a rushed phone call, and of course I had to rush to seek out the action.

Hey, maybe Michael Feinstein is reading this post, and blogging on his own: "Hey, folks, you've got to go right now to Pearlies of Wisdom. I got an honorable mention."

Wouldn't that be a wonder of wonders...?

Jagger Shows Me Who's Boss

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Sometime last week I posted about THE ROLLING STONES and the fact that they should no longer be on stage -- yes, they can fly like the wind, they can keep an audience on their feet for 2+ hours, they can roll in the dough. But they're older now, and not as pretty to look at. Such was my case.

Wouldn't you know it? Every day since that morning when I heard a Rolling Stones song on the car radio, which inspired me to write that particular post, I've been hearing at least one song of theirs during my 40 minute drive to work.

Okay, Mick, I get it. Yes, you've still got it. Yes, I was wrong to say what I did. No Boca Raton retirement village is setting up your living quarters; you've been scratched off of the shuffleboard team, your nighttime milk is getting cold. Go ahead, make me look bad to my reading audience. Yes, yes, I owe you an apology, yes, a public online apology. Okay, Mr. Jagger, I do declare I was wrong in my pronouncement. You are still number one. Your lips are a little too big for my liking, but you still manage to sing some A-1 songs via that mouth and those lips. I take back everything I said. You can still go on tour, come to Toronto pre-tour to polish up the act or record some songs, but just do me one favor: "Get off of my cloud!"