Saturday, January 14, 2006

I'm Typing As Fast As I Can...

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My friend Randi of cruisin'-mom fame wrote me recently and said:

"When you come to L.A. for the next Avrech lecture (you like the way I assume you're coming?!) will have to be responsible to get all of the these blogger people together for dinner....Neil, Danny, Doc Bean, etc, maybe Robert, but doubtful....or do you think the whole thing would just be weird?....We'd all have nothing to say unless we bring laptops and just type to each other all night."

Randi, I'd have to add to that list, of course, between now and June -- Wanderer, Ralphie, Inland Empress, Jack...oh, and you, Randi.

But Randi does have a point. If there would be a round table, night-out with several, if not all of these people, would it be something like a speed-dating event? Would we spend just a few minutes with each other telling each other the basics that they might not already know from our blogging profile...and then go throught the same shpiel with the next blogger on the other side of us at the table? Would we just do a lot of name dropping -- this blogger said this in my comments, that blogger said that in their post?

Maybe we'd talk about our kids, at least those of us who have them. But then again, you can go check out a new blog and read about our kids there.

Certain Parisian cafes and select restaurants and coffeehouses of New York City are known to have housed top 20th century poets and writers. The literati became the glitterati associated with these places. What Los Angeles landmark, restaurant, diner, park bench might we the blogging community claim for ourselves? With what famous place do we want to be associated? The Milky Way (Stephen Spielberg's mother and stepfather's dairy restaurant) or perhaps the famous Pico Deli I've heard so much about? Maybe some cafeteria at UCLA might be a better fit for this ragtag group...or maybe just a picnic bench in some nice park?

When I was in L.A. I drove past the campus of Beverly Hills High, made famous in the eighties show "Beverly Hills 90210". Maybe we could have our own spinoff show, "Beverly Hills Bloggers ISP 90 210."

Okay, so even if I come to L.A. this June, and I have a blogging interface with several of you, I ought to warn you that I don't own a laptap computer.

Does that mean that nobody will be listening to what I have to say?!

And just think, when our meeting will be over, I'll be the only one who has to say, "Talk to you/Catch you later." The rest of you will be able to type "Blog you later" to each other.

And isn't it funny...some of us need to maintain our anonymity online...but meeting in person? NO PROBLEM. How exactly does that work?

So, Randi, time will tell if you'll see me come June (although I'd love to give you a definite yes right now). But in any case, start scouting the city for some good blogging hot spots that we can claim as our own!

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