Wednesday, June 14, 2006


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My oldest son is 11 today. That means I've been a mom for 11 years. That means I became a member of the parenthood club 11 years ago. That means if you look closely enough, you might count a few more wrinkles and a few more gray hairs.


I know I have good children, decent children, happy children. And this past year has been somewhat of a character study for my husband and I. We've watched as eldest son evolved as a person with wonderful interests, and a pleasant and mature personality. Although he's two years from being bar-mitzvahed, G-d willing, if you didn't know it, you'd already think he is 13. With the addition of glasses and braces in his life in the past 4 weeks, and with his height -- he's up to my collarbone already, and I'm 5'7" or slightly taller -- he appears older.

I wish you, A, only good things. May Hashem continue to be kind to you, may you continue to be a good student, a wonderful son and brother and the happy and decent person that you already demonstrate to those around you.

Eleven years ago, you were born, but had to remain in hospital an extra couple of days when things were a little awry. But thank G-d we could bring home a healthy infant. You were released from the hospital on Father's Day...but wouldn't you know it, we'd already celebrated Father's Day -- and Mother's Day! -- a few days earlier, when you arrived.

Thanks for making me a mom -- specifically YOUR mom . Happy birthday, little buddy, and many more.