Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Google Thyself

It was probably about six years ago that someone had told me they'd Googled me. I didn't know what they meant. It had a risque sound to it!

But once they explained they'd put in a search with my name, I began to do that too every now and again. I still do, simply as a means to see what cyberspace tracks and TRAPS about me.

If I write and publish something new, my name is sometimes attributed to that, but not always.
Sometimes comments I leave on websites appear, too.

I seek my maiden name and come across Polly Adler, aka Pearl Adler, a notorious madam.

I seek out my married name and Google usually presents me with Nick Saban, a sports coach, or Pearl Harbor. Hello...? My name is Pearl Saban.

Googling oneself is sometimes as good as going to a different city and looking up your name in a phonebook. Sometimes it exists; other times it doesn't. But it's a game of curiousity.

See if there's a famous version of you out there. Ahem...a version famous for more than just a blog...or leaving a perpetual comment on a blog!