Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Yom Hashoah (A Day of Remembrance)

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I have written countless poems and fiction pieces over the years that have to do with the Holocaust. I wrote the following poem a few years ago, and thought it was fitting to share it with you today.

The Colors of My Rainbow


A sunset.
Crimson sky
splattered with magenta
and hints of orange.

Then haze.
Smoke clouds rise,
then hover above,
obliterating beauty,
obliterating life.


The sky.
Like the techelet
of the tallit,
and the single blue thread
of the tzitzit.

A lone bird
flies overhead,
calling out for its mate.


A meadow.
The color of roots,
rebirth and regrowth.

Its sweet-smelling grasses
wave and beckon in the breeze.


Bright smiles.
Silly giggles.
Hushed whispers.
Gleeful shouts.

The aged man turns
to the children at his side
and says softly,
“Let me share with you
the colors of my rainbow…”